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The Institution is arranging regular seminars, lectures, discussions and exhibitions to disseminate the knowledge of Permanent Way, bridges and other structures amongst all railwaymen as well as amongst suppliers and manufacturers of track components and other consulting firms associated with design, construction and maintenance of permanent way, bridges and other structures.

Some of the activities which are being carried out are indicated below :

`The IPWE  organises seminars and group discussions so as to have better exchange of knowledge and experience about the latest technology concerning P. way , bridges and other structures. The following national technical seminars were organised by the Institution in the last decade.
Year Theme Location

Feb 1997

Railway Accidents & Safety Measures with special reference to P. Way

New Delhi

Dec 1997

Mechanized Track Maintenance

New Delhi

Jan 1999

Small Track Machines for improving
quality of Track


Jan 2000

Rails - Manufacture, Testing, Handling and Care.


Sept 2000

Modernization and Maintenance of  Track .


Jan 2001

On-Track Machines their Planning,
Deployment and Maintenance.


Dec 2001

Track Standards, formation, ballast and elastic fastenings.


Jan 2003

Optimization of track maintenance practices and adoption of latest technology both for machine and manually maintained sections.


Jan 2004

Construction and rehabilitation of railway track including formation tunnels and bridges.


Jan 2005

Mechanisation of Track Maintenance, Relaying and Construction on I. R.

New Delhi

Jan 2006

Design, Construction, Inspection Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Railway Bridges


Jan 2007

Effect of Heavier Axle Load Trains on Track and Bridges.


Feb 2008

Heavier Axle Load - Experiences on Indian Railways in regard to running of Multiple Locos, longer freight trains and its impact on fatigue life of track, bridges & formation.

New Delhi

Jan 2009

High Speed Corridors and Higher Speed on existing network.

Jan 2010

"Impact and experience of heavier axle loads on Indian Railways and resultant maintenance strategies" and "Innovation in Design and construction of road over bridges and road under bridges on the Indian Railways"

Apr 2011 Rail Wheel Interaction in the Context of heavy axle loading and mechanisation in construction of track. Bangalore
Jan 2012 Introduction of high speed through upgradation of the existing tracks and elimination of level crossings. Pune
Jan 2013 "Improving the inservice reliability of rails and railwelds" and " Evolving economical and appropriate design of ballastless track". Chennai
Jan 2014

(I)“Management of P.Way Works through      need based outsourcing”  and

 (ii)“Design, Construction and Maintenance of Railway tunnels”
Jan 2015

i) Rail/weld Management: Quality and reliability 

  ii) Increase of speed on the existing Indian Railway Routes

 iii)  Metro systems: Design, standards, construction and Maintenance 


New Delhi
Feb 2016

i)   Design, Construction & Maintenance of Station Yards.

ii)    Accelerated construction of New Lines/Doubling Projects.

Fast Track Construction of ROBs/RUBs.
New Delhi
Feb 2017 Challenges In Design And Maintenance Of Track Under Mixed Traffic Regime Of Semi High Speed And Heavy Axle Load Mumbai
July 2017 Global Trends in Track Technologies and Fast Paced Construction. New Delhi

Along with the National Technical Seminars, IPWE also organises technical exhibitions where technical innovations and improvements done by Railway engineers as well as by suppliers and manufacturers of track components and tools and gadgets are exhibited by proper models and samples. The exhibitions also display various developments in the field of Bridge Engineering improvised by Railway Engineers, Trade and Industry.

Fifteen such exhibitions were organised in the recent past; five at Northern Railway, Head quarters at New Delhi, one at S.C. Rly Hd. Qrs. Secunderabad, one at W.R. headquarters at Mumbai, one at Eastern Railway Headquarters at Calcutta at RDSO Lucknow, three at IRICEN, Pune one at Southern Railway, Chennai one at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi and the last one at Bangalore.

These exhibitions have contributed extensively in developments and improvements of gadgets, track and other components which help in saving time and labour and improving efficiency of railway system and in spreading awareness about new products and development amongst the members.


(iii)    Lectures on topical subjects
IPWE also arranges lectures on topical subjects. The following lectures have been organised during the last four years in Rail Bhawan, New Delhi.

S. No. Date Speaker Subject
1 26-Feb-04 Shri M N Ramesh, General Manager, BBR (India) Ltd Maintenance, Repair, Retrofitting and Monitoring of Structures - recent trends
2 18-May-04 Shri R K Gupta 'Enhancement of Track Safety Through Mechanisation'
3 02-Jun-04 Shri A V S Satyanarayana, Consultant on Income-tax Planning Planning of personal Income-tax of Railway Officers
4 21-Jun-04 Shri J S Mundrey 'Rails - design, manufacturing, maintenance and renewal'
5 07-Jul-04 Shri Bhaskar Menon 'Biometric Security Solution'
6 20-Sep-04 Dr. M R Kalgal 'Pre-stressed Concrete and cable stayed bridges'
7 21-Oct-04 Mr. David Griffiths 'Latest techniques of ultrasonic testing of rails'
8 04-May-05 Mr. J S Mundrey Design, manufacturing, laying and maintenance of concrete sleepers.
9 02-Jun-05 Shri Shiv Kumar Introduction of High Speed Corridor on Indian Railways - Impact and Challenges before us.
10 25-Jul-05 Shri A V S Satyanarayana Planning of Personal Income-tax of Railway Officers.
11 19-Nov-05 Dr. V K Raina (1)Bahrain-Qatar Sea Link Project - Bridging the Arabian Gulf.
(2)World of Bridges - A pictorial presentation of old and new bridges around the world.
12 14-Dec-05 Dr. S Pal Singh Wheel flat detection by special rail mounted sensors, Rail wheel interaction, Bridge monitoring and other related subjects.
13 06-Jun-06 Mr. Vijay Bhargava 'Management of Technical Documents - Key to Productivity'.
14 25-Aug-06 Shri J.S.Mundrey Safety at Rail Joints.
15 08-Mar-07 Dr.M.K.Kamat 1. Corrosion protection of steel in concrete by using Concrete Penetrating Corrosion Inhibitors.

2. Corrosion Protection of Rails.

3. Retrofitting of concrete structures using fibre wrapping techniques.

16 26-Apr-07 Shri J.S.Mundrey Poor Service Life of Rubber Pads on Indian Railways - Causes and Remedies.
17 09-Aug-07 Shri J.S.Mundrey Mechanized Railway Track Construction.
18 05-Sep-07 Sh. A.K.Shrivastava Wheel rail interaction and heavy haul standard and Indian Scenario.
19 15-Jan-08 Dr. Anders J Olsson, G.M. AB & C, Outokumpu Stainless Steel, Finland. 'Stainless Steel in Bridge Construction'
By Mr. Lyndon Morgan, Manufacturing Manager, Outokumpu Stainless Steel, ASR Mill U.K. 'Stainless Steel in Cement Concrete'
20 16-Jan-2008 Dr. M.Seshagiri Rao Track Parameters for high speed.
21 23-Jan-2008 Sh. J.S.Mundrey "Appropriate ballast-less track technologies for India"
22 07-07-2008 Mr. Fetti of M/s. FIP Industriale, Italy Seismic Devices, Bride Bearings, Fittings for tunnels, Noise Barriers, Vibration Damping System.
23 27.08.2009 Shri J.C.Parmar,
Specifications for formation for Heavy Axle Loads.
24 27.08.2009 Dr. M.Seshagiri Rao, Retired Chairman/RITES Codes for Practice for design of Prestressed Concrete Sleepers for the new Freight Corridor.
25 16.10.2009 Shri Atul Vashisth
CEO, Tridex Solutions Private Ltd.
Advanced Pictorial LiDAR Survey using RL3D Technology.
26 03.03.2010 Shri J.S.Mundrey
former Adviser, Civil Engineering, Railway Board
Fundamentals of Ballast-less Track
27 03.03.2010 Shri Anil Kelkar, CMD
M/s Dimple Chemicals, Pune and Dr. K.K.Gokhle, Consultant and former MD, KRC
New products for corrosion control of track fittings and repairs to concrete sleepers and bridges.
28 05.05.2010 Mr. Steve Byers of M/s HTT, USA Mechanisation of construction of work.
29 24.05.2010 Mr. Ishijima, Technical Manager of Skesul Chemicals Co. Ltd. Japan Composite Sleepers.
30 24.05.2010 Mr. Thomas H. Dorfner Head Distribution Management tof M/s Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH Benefits and Consequences introducing elasticity in railway track superstructures.
31 06.09.2010 Mr. S.C.Chugh Technical Director of M/s Swarp Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Portable Transmitter Safety System of track workers.
32 15.04.2011 Shri J. S. Mundrey,
former Adviser,
Civil Engineering, Railway Board
Washable Aprons at New Delhi and other world class stations.
33 08.08.2012 Dr. V.K.Raina A Brief History of Development of Bridges.
34 19.09.2012 Mr. S.V.Rao,
Executive Director,
Facilities and capabilities of structural division of Jindal Steel Private Ltd.
35 25.10.2012 Shri Arvind Kumar,
former AMCE
Mitigating problems on level crossing.



In order to enhance the knowledge of the railwaymen, a Technical Diary is being regularly published by IPWE. The Technical Diary consists in brief, various technical data normally required by field P.Way man in discharge of his duties efficiently. The new Technical Diary can be procured from IPWE Offices on payment of nominal charges of Rs. 50/- per copy.



The success of a technical body like IPWE depends upon the active and whole hearted participation of its members. The President of IPWE and the Governing Council is very keen that the Institution should provide necessary technical base to disseminate the knowledge of Permanent Way Engineering, Bridge Engineering and other structures so that the Railway engineers can meet the challenge of carrying faster and heavier traffic. To meet this objective, we look forward and request all Railway engineers (serving as well as retired) to give their best to the Institution by providing technical support and giving positive suggestions so that the Institution can meet the aspirations of Railway engineers.