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The membership of the Institution comprises of three categories - Honorary, individual and Corporate. The Honorary membership comprises Hony. Fellows. The Individual Membership is for life and comprises Fellows, Members,  Associate Members.

Honorary Membership is conferred on eminent persons who have made a valuable contribution in the field of P. Way Engineering.

The Individual Membership is granted to the persons with specified qualifications and experience on payment of membership fees as prescribed in the Institution bye-laws. Once selected as a member, they are entitled to affix the following degree after their names:

Qualifications Degree to be affixed Life membership fees
1.Fellow of IPWE FIPWE Rs.5000.00+ GST @ 18%
2. Members of IPWE MIPWE Rs. 2000.00+GST @ 18%
3. Associate Members of IPWE AMIPWE Rs. 1000.00+GST @ 18%

Institution of Corporate membership of Firms and Organisation etc.

In order to share the knowledge with the manufacturers and suppliers of the concrete sleepers and track components and item pertaining to bridges and other structures,  Zonal Railways, consulting firms, other technical bodies and technical Institutions etc, the IPWE has extends the membership to them also as Institutional Corporate Members and Associate Corporate Members.

The Institution Corporate members have to pay one time fee of Rs.1,00,000/ and the Associate Institutional Members have to pay one time fee of Rs.60,000/- + 18% GST. These members  are entitled to get free technical literature and their representatives one or more members (depending upon the type of membership) are invited to each the Annual Technical Seminar organized by the Institute for exchange and sharing of ideas. The Institutional Corporate Members will also have an opportunity to present and  publish papers in the seminars as well as in the quarterly technical magazine issued by the Institution.

There has been positive response to the idea and about 104 firms have become the Corporate and Associate Corporate Members of the Institution. All the Zonal Railways are also Corporate Members.

A scheme has also been made to enroll foreign nationals as Members either on Individual basis or on Institutional basis. This will enable professional sharing or technical knowledge on an International scale.

(i) Corporate Institutional Membership of
Institution of Permanent Way Engineers
(CIM) (2 members of the Institution
400 US dollars per year
(ii) Associate Individual membership of
Institution of Permanent Way Engineers (AIM)
50 US dollars per year

These members will be sent technical literature and will be entitled to participate in technical seminars and exhibitions organised by the Institution.

Prescribed rules and terms for membership of the Institution can be supplied to those persons outside the country who wish to become members of the Institution.